Online marketing campaign for RP’s Portfolio Day and Symbiosis (Final Year Project Showcase).
Symbiosis and STA Portfolio Day were two events that presented the graduating student to the public, with a focus on future employers and industry partners. STA Portfolio Day was open to all the graduating students. The event aimed to showcase their best works across their stay in RP. Its key drivers were to help the students find jobs and future opportunities. Symbiosis is built to feature the best Final Year Projects compiled for that year, including collaborative projects between the school, student teams and industry projects. The event helps create solid credentials for the students and school.
My role was to manage and execute the online campaign to promote the events. This includes building the web presence, manage the email and social media campaigns. The challenge included working with the events team to get the message out about their program and working with the academic side to feature the students' work/portfolios/projects on different online platforms within a tight timeline.
postcards and posters
map handouts
postcard mailers
event maps
website and social
postcard mailers
website and social
postcard and posters

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